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阳光灿烂的加利福尼亚州有清新的空气,理想的居住环境, 及高回报的投资物业。

我们邀请您乘一趟美国物业市场复甦 的快车,投资这里的优质房产。


我们将协助您找到签证,投 资移民,税务,会计等问题的答案及付诸实行。


我们的贷款顾问 会为您贴身制订轻松的还款方案。

我们专业的管理团队能为 您出租的投资物业提供优质的物业管理服务。



Ton Dang 邓耀宗 总裁


电话 (美国) : 1-650-219-2926 


Joseph Lee 李安生 副总裁

电话 (中国) : 86-13286689128

微信: josephlee0811

  Welcome to Karis Finance!
Karis Finance provides premier tailor-made solutions to meet each of our client's financing needs. We are proud to offer our clients a wide range of services and expertise including: 
  • Aggressive rates that are competitive with online mortgage companies, combined with local personalized customer service.
  • Extensive experience working with the full spectrum of borrowers from luxury homebuyers to multi-unit investors.  
  • Our proven record of successfully closing all types of loans on schedule
  • Condo litigation financing expertise 
  • International financing expertise
  • Exclusive access to unique mortgage products such as Jumbo Loans to $2.5M
  • Strategic mortgage finance planning and advice

Whether you are buying your first time, purchasing your dream home, refinancing an outstanding loan, or consolidating debt, our highly experienced team of mortgage brokers can help make your dreams come true.
At Karis Finance, our ultimate goal is to create lasting relationships with each of our clients so that we may continue to provide the excellent service our clients expect and deserve for many years to come.

We are located in the Upper Peninsula of the San Francisco Bay Area in the city of Burlingame, California, but we offer unparalleled mortgage and refinancing services to clients throughout the entire State of California!

Contact us today for your free Mortgage Consultation!

Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese

普通话 广东话 Tiếng Việt


Our Loan Programs

Self-Employed Borrowers Program

  • Self-Employed Borrowers can verify a dependable income by one-year tax returns and banks statements!
  • Great for buyers who may not appear to be a candidate for a traditional load due to fluctuations in income!

Full-Doc Programs

  • Designed for the financially documented borrowers.
  • Finance up to $625K with FHA with only 3.5% down!
  • Finance up to $625K with FNMA with 10% down and Zero PMI! 

International Borrowers Program

  • Designed to finance nonqualified, cash International Buyers!
  • No income and credit checks or residency rules!

Expanded Criteria Program

  • Designed for borrowers that are financially stable but are held back by a derogatory event on their credit history!

Depletion of Assets Program

  • Specifically designed to maximize finances for individuals, with a high net worth, seeking loan amounts of $4M+, with a loan- to-value (LTV) ratio of 80%! 
Find the solution that fits your needs.

Purchasing a Home?

Turn the home of your dreams into reality. Whether you are buying your first home, second home, or vacation property, use this FREE self-help tool to determine exactly what type of purchase loan is best for you.


Need to Refinance?

Save money by taking advantage of the lowest rates available. Whether you are looking to lower your rate, lower your monthly payment, or tap into your home's equity, use this FREE self-help tool to determine exactly what type of refinance solution is best for you.


Consolidating Debt?

Use your home to help eliminate bad debt and bundle your bills into one easy monthly payment. Whether you need to pay off high-interest credit cards or you just need cash now, use this FREE self-help tool to determine exactly what type of debt consolidation program is best for you.


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